About Us

SbN Healthcare Manufacturer Sdn Bhd (SbN)

Started in year 1988 by an entrepreneur whom upholds the philosophy of offering natural ingredient with goodness products, sharing and caring, seeking new ways to improve quality of life.
We owned a seaweed farm which cultivate & process our own seaweed that have been exported internationally such as China, Brunei, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia.
We own a factory & equipped with technology that helps in concentrating the seaweed to produce various type of health care products.
We have wide range of products consists of FMCG such as coffee, tea, natural fruit juice to Health Functional Products such as Coffee, Tea, Natural Fruit Juice to Health Functional Products such as Detox, Weight Management, Whitening, Men and Women Stamina etc. Our research & development have added value by adding natural ingredients to formulate our health care products.

In 2015, SBN had been clarified by international ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP certification through the Commonwealth and the world’s most authoritative accreditation body, UKAS, and introduced the production process through the international management system to ensure product quality. We will ensure food safety neither from production to the shipment, nor from research and development. We are strictly controlled the whole process which is from placing orders, production, packing, and until the time of shipping. In addition, SBN also got accreditation from MESTI & HALAL JAKIM from Malaysia government as we fully complied with the terms and conditions needed as a manufacturer of food & beverage in Malaysia.